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ADHILA SYSTEM anti-condensation label

12-06-2013 11:37 - Le nostre novità
In recent years, one of the problems expressed most by wine producers is the formation of creases in self-adhesive labels, for refrigerated and racked white wines and lately also for red wines on display in humidifier cabinets.
To overcome this unattractive problem in the past, all label producers had to rely on paper-simulating plastics or strongly-rolled paper, such as cloth-lined polished paper, etc.
Our goal was to design a system that allows the use of top quality hammered or hand-beaten paper without risk of damage from damp or condensation.
An ambitious project given that, as we all know, paper is created from water and destroyed by water.
We have worked on the adhesive label components: the adhesive, the structure and the surface.
We have called the result of this project the ADHILA SYSTEM®, taken from the scientific name for a delightful little animal that lives and proliferates in water – the TREE FROG.
With the ADHILA SYSTEM®, we are able to offer a range of exceptional quality natural paper with the characteristic of being highly resistant to water and damp.
We are particularly happy to present this new project, because once again we have responded quickly to this new challenge posed.

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