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Passion, tradition and technology are combined in Modulgraf in order to express the very best results.

Skills and know-how developed internally have created a dynamic team capable of transferring their qualities in the best possible way into the creation of labels for wine.

Experience and competence matured throughout the years allow Modulgraf to identify the most suitable printing process in order to enhance the specific project and, a very unusual characteristic, is the assembly of several methods of printing in one single process, mixing specific qualities in order to achieve one unique result.

A perfect alchemy of technical and artistic ingredients.


The label represents a method of presentation of every kind of wine, its clothes.

Modulgraf does not limit its activities to curing executive and aesthetic quality but, just like a tailor who pays extreme attention to the choice of the fabrics to be used, invests constantly into the research and assortment of the very best raw materials, papers, inks, precious materials and anything else that guarantees the very best possible results.


Modulgraf believes in quality as an absolute value and in the requirement that such quality is constantly maintained.

Therefore, with regards to the execution of small as well as large quantities of labels, it has always focused huge attention on research in terms of technologies that can guarantee homogeneous results.

The result of this commitment is the adoption of a CTP (Computer To Plate) system for direct incision of the dies and slabs, resulting in the elimination of the use of a film that previously introduced factors of variation in the printing phase.

Furthermore, Modulgraf uses an electronic spectrophotometric system for the formulation of ink, maintaining the chromatic consistency of the labels.



Printing using the frame. Technique that ensures the best results in the creation of funds and glossy - matte contrasts. The coating on the frame, in fact, produces on the paper a unique tactile effect.

Relief printing

Direct printing, therefore from the die of the paper. The use of pure ink makes this technique suitable in situations in which the intention is to enhance the brilliance of colour.


A direct rotational printing. Combined with other kinds of printing it is a painting and protection technique that allowss for the creation of opaque results. Its characteristics are enhanced in combination with other printing methods.

Hot impression printing

A printing technique using a technical transfer. In Modulgraf we have developed a whole range of details that allow for the transfer of rather elegant backgrouns and details.


Indirect printing, therefore from the steel sheet photo-etched on a rubber roll that transfers ink onto a paper support. This is techinque of an extremely high quality: it guarantees softness of the screens in the four-colour process and a sharpness, otherwise not achieved.


Direct printing from the paper matrix. Pure Ink L´impiego, makes this technique particularly suitable for those achievements in which you want to enhance the color brilliance.

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