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The direct line between consumer and producer making quality and security go hand-in-hand.
SONO® offers companies a "turn-key" package which includes labels printed with a progressive QR number, an advanced software program for logistics management and traceability, code reading tools, potential web site updating and the possibility to modify the bottling line for automatic management of the system.
The QR code of SONO® can be read both by consumers and by authorised users.

Consumers will use the SONO® system to have additional information on the product and the possibility to interact with the producer on quality and security requests and documentation.

Authorised users, vice versa, while reading the same code, can use SONO® to access information on the production chain, trace the product origin and find out the sensitive data that the producer intends to enter in the database to make the product traceable in all its forms.
SONO® is a powerful tool that can help companies in various situations: from warehouse management to marketing and customer relations; from automating production lines to integrating existing systems based on RFID technology.

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